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We are a leadership development agency with a bold and different approach. We believe real leaders are made in the real world, not in classrooms.  Real leaders stand with both feet in society and have the courage to play their part in ‘wicked problems’. Good for the world and your business.  We design real experiences to engage all senses. Confronting and inspiring. Simple and positive. 

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Into the Wild - Leadership Expedition in Lapland

Every year in February, a group of max 10 men embarks on a journey in Lapland. In a beautiful white landscape the group travels with huskeys, makes snowscooter tours and sleeps in the snow. But these are just the activities and not the real purpose of the journey. It's all about manhood, the power to stand up for yourself and make important decisions in life, work and the relationships that matter the most.

The next expedition is from 11 - 15 March 2020

The expedition in 2021 is from 10 - 14 March

Transformative Leadership Journey 2020

A Leadership Journey across the globe for corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and other change makers who want this world a better place. We select 3 leaders per organization to explore the future of leadership and change and apply the lessons to our own organizations and ourselves. We visit inspiring organizations, bold leaders and other people who dare to dream big.

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