We offer three different types of journeys. Once you enter our playground, one of these journeys always form the starting point. But, whichever is chosen, the other two are always involved.

Unleash the World

We co-create Journeys that will deepen your understanding of the challenges you face. We help you paint the bigger picture and your role in it. We expose you to unexpected places where courageous leaders share their vision, bold strategies and action. We let you experience how the system works, how things and people are connected and how you can play your part. You will be confronted with your own assumptions and fixed ways of approaching challenges. 
To stay relevant as a business you have to contribute to something bigger than just profit..

Unleash Leadership

Today’s world requires leaders to be transformative rather than transactive. In our Journeys you’ll sense what this means for you. We create experiences in nature, on the street and in surprising settings for you to unveil your talents and discover what’s holding you back to let them shine even brighter. It takes lots of practice and 'leadership experiments' to awake the giant in you and establish new behavior and habits. Your impact will be felt in your organization and beyond. You will be able to move ideas forward in ways you can hardly imagine.

Unleash your Organization

When transformational leadership starts to become the new standard in your organization, you will discover that the way you are organized is no longer sustainable. 
New leadership calls for a new culture, new habits and new structures. Inspired by organizations who stimulate and support initiative and dialogue, we help you to find new ways of organizing, new habits and new rules, in line with the core of your organization. Our aim is always to help you find the positive exceptions to the rule. These are the ‘sparks’ with which we light a torch to illuminate a new path of positive change.