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We are a leadership development agency with a bold and different approach. We believe real leaders are made in the real world, not in classrooms.  Real leaders stand with both feet in society and have the courage to play their part in ‘wicked problems’. Good for the world and your business.  We design real experiences to engage all senses. Confronting and inspiring. Simple and positive. 

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Sherpa Organizational Change - The road to 2020

Unleash works since 2015 with Sherpa - a big healthcare institute - to co-create a new path towards 2020. A core group of 35 carefully selected employees started of with the visit of inspirational organizations to get new ideas, then created their own powerfield in 3D to get confronted with the real issues.

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Schiphol Group - Talent Development Program

In 2019 Unleash embarked on their 9th edition of the Schiphol TDP program. A leadership development program for the future leaders of Schiphol. Over the years, the program has been transformed into a true journey, over a period of around 9 months.

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Rabobank - Community Leadership Program

In the Summer of 2018, Unleash, Reos Partners and a leading team of change makers within Rabobank formed a coalition to bring Rabobank’s ambition of 'Growing a Better World Together' to live.

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Rabobank - tribe Lead Program

10 Tribe Lead Management Teams embark on a 48-hours journey in 2019 and 2020 to improve the way they work together, create more impact with less effort and define their roles in an agile organization. 


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Fairtrade - Global Leadership Development Program

An Unleash program to help the CEO’s of Fairtrade International to overcome cultural differences, gain mutual trust and co-create solutions for tough problems in a fast changing world. 


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KPN - Team Challenge

Multiple senior management teams at KPN had the opportunity to be inspired by other organizations and unexpected dialogue partners to get other perspectives on the leadership challenges of their team.


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Into the wild - Leadership Expedition for Men on Faroe Islands

After 10 years of Leadership Expeditions for Men in Lapland, we continue our journey on the Faroe Islands. In a beautiful landscape we explore our manhood, the power to stand up for yourself, connect in new ways to the people you love and get clarity on how you want to live and work. We will work on themes and dilemmas that play a role in the daily lives of participants by means of constellations and other methods that deepen and bring your dilemmas to life. We will work in a remote area, in a hut in the middle of nature, and also explore nature, by hiking, cooking and sleeping outdoors, as part of the adventure.

The next expedition is from 2 - 7 April 2024

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