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Into the Wild

Leadership Expedition in Lapland

Every year, a group of max 10 men embarks on a journey in Lapland. In a beautiful white landscape the group travels with huskeys, makes snowscooter tours and sleeps in the snow. But these are just the activities and not the real purpose of the journey. It's all about manhood, the power to stand up for yourself and make important decisions in life, work and the relationships that matter the most. To really get to the core of it all, we organize dialogue walks, a small vision quest, 'coaching in the snow' and group sessions in a wooden hut and tipi. A high impact experience.

Facilitators : David Jonker and Coen Koomen

Average appreciation : 9


  • "The Leadership Expedition in Lapland is a fantastic experience! At first I was anxious to go with a group of men I was unfamiliar with, but I'm so glad I went. The journey is a perfect mix of good fun, activities on a beautiful spot and personal impact". It really changed my life in many ways."
  • "The journey had so much impact on me in just 4 days, it's really hard to describe. Coen and David lead the group in a relaxed way, but go really deep in their sessions. It's an experience that I recommend to anyone who dares to asks himself the big questions in life!

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Into the wild - Leadership Expedition for Men on Faroe Islands

After 10 years of Leadership Expeditions for Men in Lapland, we continue our journey on the Faroe Islands. In a beautiful landscape we explore our manhood, the power to stand up for yourself, connect in new ways to the people you love and get clarity on how you want to live and work. We will work on themes and dilemmas that play a role in the daily lives of participants by means of constellations and other methods that deepen and bring your dilemmas to life. We will work in a remote area, in a hut in the middle of nature, and also explore nature, by hiking, cooking and sleeping outdoors, as part of the adventure.

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