ASR - The Other Collective Agreement

In 2018, Unleash facilitated a process where HR, legal and corporate communication of ASR (a cooperative insurance company) engaged in a dialogue with representatives of the three main labor unions about co-creating an entirely new Collective Agreement for ASR. The main purpose was to stay away from vested interests and negotiations, and focus on the well being of the employee. Two things were crucial in the process - that took 10 months with numerous 2-day sessions:

Stick to the Why : in every dialogue we asked ourselves the question behind the solution. In the current labor market for insurance, lay-offs are unavoidable. Instead of fighting this developments and trying to keep employees in their positions, it’s more helpful to support employees in becoming agile and employable. This approach resulted in CA arrangements that serve both the employee, employer and union.

Co-creation : by creating an atmosphere and a space where participants could speak freely and share their ideas and fears, new solutions were co-created that are completely new in the field of CA.

In the Summer of 2018 a groundbreaking New Collective Agreement was signed by all parties.

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