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Rabobank - Community Leadership Program


In the Summer of 2018, Unleash, Reos Partners and a leading team of change makers within Rabobank formed a coalition to bring Rabobank’s ambition of 'Growing a Better World Together' to live. Together we designed an intensive program for all 90 directors of the Locals Banks. In groups of 14 directors, we embarked on a journey to explore new ways of solving tough problems in society. In 5 modules of 2 days, we meet social entrepreneurs, ex-ministers and people who found ways to make tremendous impact. By use of System Thinking and Theory U, participants learn how to ‘read' their context and ’ surf the waves of change’. A deep dive into transformational and servant leadership, and how to empower stakeholders and employees to co-design initiatives for a sustainable future. Especially for this program, Marius Gosschalk, a renowned theater maker, created a play of Mr. Raifeissen, founder of the Rabobank, to revive the roots of their cooperation.  

Modules: Community banking, Contextual Leadership, Sources for Creating Impact, Platform for Lasting Change.

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