Sherpa Organizational Change - The road to 2020

Unleash works since 2015 with Sherpa - a big healthcare institute - to co-create a new path towards 2020. A core group of 35 carefully selected employees started of with the visit of inspirational organizations to get new ideas, then created their own powerfield in 3D to get confronted with the real issues. Retreating in the woods helped to gain important insight about the core of the challenge. Together we created a new story, about making the impossible possible for clients, bringing responsibility and initiative back in the teams, breaking down unnecessary admin and building trust, courage and curiosity. This new vision has been spreading like a fire eversince. To make sure the new way of working is really happening, the whole strategy is co-created with the entire organization - by means of World Cafe's - on all levels. Nothing is imposed, all initiatives come from employees. In turn, they get space and support from their managers. Most of the changes are the result of good examples from colleagues being copied. By now, an irreversable movement has been created, with lots of ideas, experiments and courageous moves. 

Facilitators : Coen Koomen and Maria Sturm 


  • "Coen and Maria are true professionals, they really know what they're doing. They don't pretend to have all the answers, but manage to radiate confidence in the process".
  • "There seems to be an endless source of interactive methods that make us engage in the process and make the vision come alive. And above all, it’s fun!".

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