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Rabobank - tribe Lead Program


10 Tribe Lead Management Teams embark on a 48-hours journey in 2019 and 2020 to improve the way they work together, create more impact with less effort and define their roles in an agile organization. Part of the journey is a visit of a social enterprise that is organized in an agile way, to feel how purpose and empowerment can make teams fly. Also part of the Journey: creating 3D prototypes of leadership challenges to find real insights, Street Wisdom to slow down and find answers from unexpected people and a live Team Dynamics Game. The journey follows a three-step-approach: 

The Story of Now: what is happening around us, which challenges do we face and how can we find a way to find the best answers together?
The Story of Me: how do I lead without formal authority, in my own authentic way, to inspire and empower the people around me? 
The Story of Us: how do we make use of each others talents, create a trustful and purposeful team and have maximum impact in our business?   

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