Schiphol Group - Talent Development Program

In 2019 Unleash embarked on their 9th edition of the Schiphol TDP program. A leadership development program for the future leaders of Schiphol. Over the years, the program has been transformed into a true journey, over a period of around 9 months. It consists of three Flights (modules) of three days. During the first Flight participants go out to visit inspiring people with courageous initiatives. This experience helps them to discover their own beliefs, values, dreams and blind spots. In the second Flight the journey goes inwards and participants get confronted with their own patterns, behavior and habits, and discover their own talents and dragons (what keeps them from using their talents). The third Flight is all about 'paying forward', using their talents to make real impact within Schiphol. They get to understand Schiphols 'power field' and culture and how to influence this in order to mutually benefit. The managers of the participants are actively involved in the journey; there's a dialogue walk during the program and two sessions outside the program where they develop their own leadership and coaching skills. Methods: Theory U, Switch (organizational change), Positive Deviance, Constellations, Voice Dialogue etc.

Facilitator : Coen Koomen & Barbara Takacs

Appreciation of TDP (average ): 8.9

Feedback on program

  • "TDP really opened my eyes in many ways. By means of the impactful experiences during the journey, dialogue sessions with unexpected guests, movieclips, stories and lively methods to discover myself, I really changed in a profound way. Or rather; I found my own 'treasure box' and the courage to put my talents into practice" 
  • "Coen and Barbara brought theoretic subjects to live"
  • "Coen and Barbara place themselves within the group, not as 'masters', that's why the dialogues were of high quality. They keep probing to get to the core and come up with creative solutions when the group gets stuck" 
  • "A journey I think everyone should experience. It made me confident and happy."

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